Performing Roma


New formats of interactive public communication for urban experience: social creativity on the web, radio-guided performances and tastings, videosharing live sets

October 8-9 2009-09-14

By for the Department of Cultural Policy of Rome.

In collaboration with RAI-Technological Strategies Dept.- Structure for Technical Quality, Promoroma-Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, Nstreet, Radio Popolare, OffStudio, CATTID- Sapienza University of Rome

Sponsor: TERNA

The project aims at creating original formats of cultural actions, through new media such as digital audio broadcasting, geoblogging and interaction design, expressing the idea and spirit of the Roman walks during the Ottobrata period (Roman Harvest of October). The objective is to enhance the territory’s genius loci (spirit of the place), through guided radio tours, higlighting the “everyday wonder” of Rome (urban experience), bringing its echoes to the web through the composition of stories in the urban geography (on geoblogs) and the sharing of videos online (Nstreet videosharing).

A unique feature will be the guided radio actions held by the theatrical company Koine, focused on the theatrical tastings (at the Temple of Adrian) and on walks traced along urban pathways (with great attention to Testaccio neighbourhood, true core of the “ancient” bacchic Ottobrate and to the surroundings of the Trevi Fountain) that will be mapped in the geoblog through GPS. Some of these actions will be spread through Digital Audio Broadcasting, in collaboration with RAI-Technological Strategies Dept., as performative experimentation of the technical quality and technological innovation of digital audio broadcasting systems, in the  context of urban experience.

The project culminates in a Video Sharing Live set (october 9 at 9pm at the Temple of Adrian with a talk hosted by Carlo Massarini) featuring videos on Roman walks produced by active citizens (published on Nstreet, digital platform for urban experience, and also linked to the geoblog and Facebook group: “performingroma”). At this stage, some options of interaction design useful to interactive public communication will be introduced (mobtags sending texts and links to mobiles, bluetooth transferring soundscapes and instructions, RFID for the identification of registered users).

The reference web platform is A social network for the active participation in the guided radio tours and for the distribution of earplugs, is here set up.

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